Tamburica Sales

The instruments can be bought directly from Romano Zölss in Frankenau. Delivery can also be arranged. A small selection of ready finished Tamburicas are also available from the master. Please make an appointment in advance.

Instruments can also be custom-made. You can choose the number of strings, the type of wood, the tone as well as other details. Production of an instrument takes about a month.

For further information:

Romano Zölss, master

A - 7361 Frankenau / Frakanava, br. 7
tel.: +43 (2615) 87626
e-mail: ro.zoelss@utanet.at



Instruments can also be ordered:

Gerhard Emrich, seller

7304 Großwarasdorf / Veliki Bori¹tof, Park ulica 32
tel.: +43 (2614) 7005
e-mail: ahf-emrich@aon.at

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